Introducing This Semester’s Writers – Cassandra Woods

IMG_4135I am a city girl, born in Alabama, with family ties to the “country.” I enjoyed every stay and have fond memories of the dirt roads, horseback rides, and farming. Imagine a time and place where church wasn’t held every Sunday, because the preacher had to rotate between churches in different towns. That’s how it was.

In high school, I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but as I contemplated a career in medicine, the possibility of being on call and working long hard hours with little sleep seemed less and less appealing.

So I changed my focus to Engineering because I love a good math challenge, and my counselor assured me that I wouldn’t have to drive a train.

After spending a few years maneuvering classes like thermodynamics and statistics, my first sign that I was an overcomer, I became an Auburn Engineer.Cassandra

I got married and signed up to follow my husband around North America during his career as a pro football player. We eventually settled down back in our hometown where my husband and I raised four little people, three of which are now taller than me. We have been married over three decades and can still be caught acting like newlyweds. God is so amazing. And I have another title. It’s Grandma.

At some point I realized that my relationship with God had grown into a desire to share God’s word with others and encourage them to experience his intoxicating love. So I enrolled in school to be trained in practical and supernatural ministry and was commissioned by Global Awakening ministry.

Now a quick trip to the grocery store may end in a one on one prayer session with someone I meet, but I just love it. There is nothing more fulfilling than meeting someone where they are and helping them see Jesus in their circumstances.  At church I am honored to serve on the Small Group, Freedom, and Prayer Teams.

Writing is one of those things that I believe God wants me to do. And for way too long, I have put it on the shelf. Now I am taking it down in faith, with the hope that something I write can make a difference in your journey. ~ Cassandra

6 thoughts on “Introducing This Semester’s Writers – Cassandra Woods

  1. Cassandra, so happy to see you today and learn about this blog. I’m looking forward to what you and the others share. Excellent writing AND His Spirit – can’t wait to see what each day brings!

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  2. Thank you for this healing, refreshing post. The visuals really added. I could feel the restfulness. I’m looking forward to reading more! Love you! You and Chris ran an excellent campaign and brought new honor to the process. God will use it.


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